7000 feet on the indo-tibetan border with shivkumar sharmaji.
what an experience
in the clouds.
the relationship of the mountains and of the buildings were so natural.
this was nature and humanity coexisting.

guruji told me to "stop thinking."

video blog coming soon!

hello music lovers!
so starting soon will be some of those video blogs ive been talking about....
will be talking about my experiences with panditji shivkumar sharmaji, some specifics in terms of raag and taal, overall life in mumbai, and cool facts about india. for instance: did you know that...

new info and whatnots

well hello there!
chicago was a blast
back in nyc now

got a huge gig next week here.
if anyone is around come check it out.
info in the "calendar" page

ill also like to mention that ill be doing a weekly blog/video blog once i arrive in india (in...


oh man
the new cd sounds amazing.
the final mastering happens next week!!!!
and then we send it to print!
so exciting.
so much builds.
12 tracks.
the best stuff ive ever done.

its finally here!!

so the new album is here!
my five piece band has finally finished our first EP!
you can buy and listen to it though the "CDs" section of this website.
its something i'm immensely proud of. check it out.

check it out!

so you can now BUY CDS HERE!
awesome huh?
go the "CDs" page
this is also the LISTEN page.
if you want to hear samples, go to the buy cds page!

Two Roofs


the duo project.

contact me to purchase. only $12 (with shipping $15)

give me a shout about it, or just paypal me! is the account!
please include your shipping address.
the disk is...

New Duo CD!!!

so me and Luke Notary (perc) just finished our first duo disk.
it should be available within the next week or so.

if you are interested in this new cd please contact me for purchase. only $12 bucks! not too bad huh?


hey there readers
so i bought my ticket to senegal!
im going to be out there for about two months.
i seem to find myself going back every two years.
i leave jan 5th
get back sometime mid march. (dont have the return ticket yet)
im very excited for...

new tune from the record

hey theres
gots a brand new track up on the site!
and yes
oh yes.
its from the new album.
Black Mallard is the name
its the first track up top in the "listen" section
its from a live recording at the bowery poetry club
but we've been messing with...


I saw in Louisiana a live-oak growing,
All alone stood it and the moss hung down from the branches,
Without any companion it stood there uttering joyous leaves of dark green,
And its look, rude, unbending, lusty, made me think of myself,
But I wondered how it could utter joyous...

shaba ranks

shaba ranks is great.
shaba ranks is so much better
than cutty cutty cutty cutty...

bushwick bounce

another 16 hours in the studio
still a little wiped
i missed my hand therapy because of it
so it goes.

we got five tracks pretty damn solid
two of which we were able to dump some overdubs
the hit, djigee, count, saya, and clearest road

its serious


12 hours in the studio today
pretty wiped
two pieces.
its a good two though
which is nice.

how are you doing?

full, clear, anthem
on ice?

im listening to steve reich right now.
different trains.
its beautiful.